Parents Page


This page is meant to give parents a review of topics covered in class each week.  General overviews will be mentioned, which can be complimented by information from your children.    I hope you find this information useful.


Parents are encouraged to keep abreast of what and how their son/daughter is doing in class.  There are several ways for parents keep informed of class activities and student progress.

The official grades for students are posted on CSIU.  However, I use Edmodo as my online classroom platform.  Parent Codes are available to log in and see your student’s work and grades.  Please contact me to get your Parent Code.

Emails are another way for parents to keep in touch.  My school email is dsalvucci [at]  Traditional phone calls take the longest for me to reply since I cannot return calls until the room is empty.

There is also a calendar located on the class wiki that lists upcoming events and this web site.  I also have students using a LIveScribe smartpen to take notes in class.  A .pdf copy of all class notes are posted by period on the class wiki.

Traditional Classes


Students will use a class set of iPads, I will help them set up their smartphones or tablets for use outside of class.  

It looks like each class period will again have its own Edmodo Group due to class numbers being in the mid-twenties for two periods.  This will make it easier for students to keep up with class assignments and not get lost in the clutter of too many posts.

Textbooks will be listed in the Edmodo online classroom, we will be using a mix of online textbooks and primary documents in each course.  At times we will work from an IN-CLASS SET OF TEXTBOOKS.

There is a FREE EDMODO PARENT APP that can be used by parents to keep up on their child’s assignments, I strongly encourage all parents to use the app or their child’s EDMODO PARENT CODE.


The students are working on the modern Civil Rights Era in class.  This unit has many sub-units of study, since chronologically it runs from the mid-1950’s until the early 1970’s. 

The Public Link to the Summer Reading Page can be found here.

The Public link for Period 1’s Edmodo Page can be found here.

The Public link for Period 9’s Edmodo Page can be found here.

Please check out student work by viewing the links to student projects elsewhere on my site.


Students are finishing up the 1950’s and early 1960’s in class.  Please encourage your son/daughter to regualrly review online study materials posted in the Edmodo classroom, on the class wikipage, or on this site.

The Public link for Period 4s Edmodo Page can be found here.

The Public Link for Period 5s Edmodo Page can be found here.

The Public Link for Period 7s Edmodo Page can be found here.

The Public Link for Period 8s Edmodo Page can be found here.

Here is the link to the Class Introductory Prezi.


Enrichment activity information can now be found on its own page, located here.

HOUR OF CODE 2017/2018  

Hour of Code is a world wide effort to show students what coding entails.  I run Hour of Code as an afterschool event during Computer Science Education Week in December.  The participating students asked that we continue with Hour of Code throughtout the remainder of the school year, so we are.  You can find more information at here  This is currently on hold due to trouble with scheduling time when enough students could attend.

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