Apps for Class

My classes are moving towards a “Bring Your Own Device” atmosphere, where studenmts are permitted to bring in their own computing devices, both standard and mobile, to use in class.  I am now using iPads for students who do not have their own device.  

This page will contain a list of free apps that they are encouraged to load onto their iPod, iPad, or smartphone.  The apps can be found in the iTunes Store or Android Market.   Apps that are underlined are linked to their respective sites.

This page is currently under construction, please check back  soon for more information.

The following apps are available on both Mac and Android platforms and will be used extensively throughout  all of my classes. 

Edmodo:  This app and website is the platform that my class runs off of.  You can access the site through the app or the following sites: or Note:  the link takes you to New Brighton’s Edmodo District Domain.

Edublogs is the app for our class blog sites.  It is a free app for both Android and Apple platforms.  

Evernote: This app allows users to take notes on a mobile device and access them anywhere, on any device.  You can also log into to access information.  The web site has a downloadable program for computers also.

Penulimate is a free iPad app that allows you to draw and doodle notes on an ipad and then sync them free in Evernote.

Diigo:  This app is for Mac platform mobile devices, computers and Windows-based computers.  It allows users to access their bookmarks from any device connected to the Internet.  On Android based devices the app is called Power Note.

Google: This Mac based app will allow you to access your school Google account by signing in to the district’s domain. 

Google Drive: is the free Android based equivalent. that allows you to access your online documents and spreadsheets.

gFlash +:  This free Mac based app allows students to access class flashcards created on the Study Stack web site.

Quizard:  This app works on both Mac and Android based mobile devices and allows you to access class flashcards created on Study Stack web site.

Nook: This free app is used for reading books on a student’s mobile device.  We will on occasion  use free books as supplemental materials.

Kindle:  This is also a free app used for reading books on mobile devices.  It is listed because free books may come from other sources.

iBooks:  This app is free for Mac based devices.  Android based devices can download FBReader to access open-source eBooks.

Verso is a free iOS app that will allow you to participate in discussion boards for class.

StudyStack is a free online flashcard site where most of my class vocabulary words are stored.  Students can create their own cards by clicking here.

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